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Your definitive guide to cleaning golf clubs:

Why, how and where to get your golf clubs cleaned. Like any piece of expensive equipment golf clubs need a little care and maintenance, whether you are a casual player are a low handicapper you have made a conscious decision to go out and shop for and buy the right golf clubs for your needs. You have paid for the technology in the club, so regardless of your current ability your decision to select a type of shaft, grip, head style, loft, lie, brand are all there in your bag every time your ready to play.

club head vectorWhy?

You need to know how to get the best out of your golf clubs. Striking the ball cleanly is critical to affect control, the grooves on the club is the technology that you have invested in . The most overlooked thing by amateur players is having clean golf clubs. They just go out and attempt to hit the ball round after round with the same dirty club face.What you don’t realise is that

you’re hindering the chance for lower scores. How can you lower your scores by simply cleaning your clubs? It’s actually very simple. If you have clean golf clubs you make better contact with the ball. The groove works as a channel to move dirt, water, grass out of the way during the shot. Maintaining clean groves allows the golf club to do what it is designed to do without interference. Clean golf clubs produce better ball flight with more backspin which in turn generates lift and more control, essential around the green. It’s not just all about clean grooves, many golfers neglect to clean their grips. Build up of sweat and grease means many golfers can grip to tightly, creating tension and hindering a controlled smooth swing. Having your grips professionally cleaned brings back the tackiness, eliminating some of the tension and ultimately extending the life of your grips.

How to clean your club heads.

In an ideal world you would be playing professional golf alongside Rory & Co. and you would have the benefit of a professional caddy, who would clean your club heads after every shot. In reality most of us will use the old bucket and sponge perhaps once a week, this will clear the mud and make the club look clean, but what about getting deep down and actually getting the best out of technology that you have paid for. One method is to use an abrasive cleaning brush that certainly will clear out the visible dirt, but at what price? Putting scratches on the head will just cause more dirt to collect in unwanted places or even with too much abrasion over time smooth the face.

gripsUsing an ultrasonic cleaner saves time, is non abrasive and gets right down inside the grooves. Ultrasoniscs are sound waves through water, so no physical contact, when a sound wave hits the club head it creates a pocket of air called a cavitation, this implodes in the groove removing all organic material, with the Club-Clean systems 60,000 sound waves a second are generated so in a matter of minutes all 14 club heads are cleaned and your clubs are sparkling all dirt and grime are removed and you are ready to play.

How to clean your golf grips

“Soap and water – scrub with a medium hard nylon brush (something like a dish brush works fine at pinch).” That is the general advise from fellow amateurs, too much time on their hands if you ask me! To be honest it’s not something that you need to do every time before you play, but as mentioned earlier, a tacky grip stops you gripping too tightly and gives you more control.One of Colin Montgomerie tips he always shares when asked on sports programs, is to hold the club as if squeezing a toothpaste tube. Using the Club-Clean system all 14 of your grips can be cleaned in about 30 seconds. The warm water slightly swells the grips and the 60,000 sound waves a second clear all the sweat and suntan lotion (not applicable in the Ireland!!!!) etc out of the grip, restoring the grips natural tackiness, without soap suds. (grip lightly, but don’t let go).